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Tuesday November 28, 2000 securitymarked.com site goes live in Beta. In a moment of creative exuberism, Christopher Drake of ChrisDrake.com releases the first version of the securitymarked.com home page live onto the Internet...

securitymarked.com works by taking your existing serial or registration numbers (or assigning you a secure, unique, tamper-resistant new code) and registering these numbers in its central database.

You then engrave or indelibly mark your goods with your code, and optionally affix or engrave one of the security-marked web site names along with the code.

If your goods are ever lost or stolen, you can come back to this web site and register this fact, then, the finder, new "owner", police, or pawn-shopkeeper can immediately determine whether or not you want these goods back, and can leave their contact details with you for you to arrange a safe and convenient way to get back your goods.

Because your name and address is not available to anyone using the security-marked code, you can use this web site to transfer your goods when you legitimately sell them, and finders of your lost goods (e.g.: house keys!) cannot track you down without your express permission.

Many police forces around the world already have legislation preventing the sale of certain security-marked goods without a bona-fide registered certificate of ownership, so in many cases your law is already set up for you - all you have to do is engrave your code!

If you are unlucky enough to be to subject of a thieves interest, a simple security-marked notice is available explaining that your goods are protected in this way. They already know how difficult it is to sell marked stolen goods, so in many cases your engravings actually prevent possible heartache in advance!

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